My grandfather was an Italian immigrant and during his six months on Ellis Island, he memorized almost all the documents written by our founding fathers. When he was only twelve years old, he stowed  away on a sailing ship headed for the gold beaches and hills of  Nome,Alaska  before the turn of the century where he made a living shining shoes.  He moved on up to a grocery store which he called Snake River Grocery, and worked hard to become one of the most prominent  businessmen in northern Alaska. 
My mother was born in Nome and so was I at a later date. She and my dad owned the local newspaper office called the Nome Nugget. During my childhood, my grandfather taught my brothers and me the founding documents and  how we were the luckiest  people in the world to live in the greatest country that ever was!  I am so grateful  God blessed me with such a special grandfather!  During the Second World War, my grandfather’s friend,  General  Eisenhower passed through our town regularly and stayed overnight, when I would listen for hours to the talk about the war. He was a great general and later on a great president!  I was honored to work on that campaign as a youngster. I raised four daughters, and now I am a great grandma. Also I raised and trained a lot of good American  Quarterhorses, and made some champions over fifty years or more, was a 4-H leader for well over thirty years, and I still raise horses and beef cattle. My favorite place to be is horseback , trailing cattle out to summer range or gathering   cattle in the fall. I have worked as a secretary and/or accountant for the navy, for the air force and  for the army!  I worked as a carpenter, had my own painting business and then started Landfinder, my real estate business ,early in the 70’s and it has evolved into Landfinder Country Properties. I have tried to follow my family’s tradition of public service, spending time at the legislature especially on land rights issues. Watching what happened to my brother’s mining claims when the government decided  to take them  over, watching what happened when environmentalists stopped  the building of Rampart Dam on the Yukon River  was just the disasterous  beginning of  what has happened  to our country’s people ,with the use of owls and tortoises and fish and bugs and moths to take away the rights of miners, fishermen, loggers, ranchers  and more to make a living! I have seen it all and I am not shy about expressing  my displeasure! I have been on the Warm Springs Citizens Advisory Board for some time now, and we have been able to reverse the illegal changing of our zoning from agricultural to residential, back to agricultural. It took several years to do. Citizens Advisory Boards were eliminated for two years, but during that time I continuously nagged at the County Commission to reinstate the CABS and returned the voice of the people back to the people. Our polling place was eliminated in the early spring of this election year and I  felt the need of its return, so the nagging continued and miraculously it has returned as well!                                                                                                                 

Looking forward to working for you another four (4) years and I remember who I work for !    
Thank you and God Bless You!

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Jeanne Herman 

                   Washoe County Commissioner District  5